About Festival

The very first edition of ‘Zaduszki Jazzowe’ (‘All Souls Jazz Festival’) in the town of Pińczów took place in 2005 in the cloisters of the Regional Museum. An intimate concert was then performed by Artur Dutkiewicz – honorary Citizen of Pińczów, acclaimed jazz pianist and composer who is often called the „Ambassador of Polish jazz“.

The main idea of the festival from the very beginning has been to present the most interesting projects of jazz music in the broad sense. The musical journey that our festival audience has been taken on for years allows us to present jazz music in its all diversity and spontaneity. Today, after 15 years, ‘Zaduszki Jazzowe’ in Pińczów is a history of jazz written with the names of brilliant musicians from both Polish and foreign jazz scenes. It is also jazz workshops for young musicians, night jam sessions as well as painting, poster and photography exhibitions. It is certainly a musical showcase of Pińczów and the whole region.

The festival, which has grown to be the most prestigious event in the cultural calendar of Pińczów and the region, is constantly evolving and the organizers’ ambition is to provide an open creative space for young jazz artists. This cultural objective is being pursued both within workshops accompanying the festival – projects implemented with the support of the Ministry of Culture National Heritage and cooperation with many young generation artists.

What plays a meaningful role in our festival is also the unique place where, every autumn, the historic space of the Belweder Palace is filled with improvised music creating a marvellous atmosphere fully appreciated by both the artists and the audience. Year by year, Pińczów autumn jazz sessions attract more and more fans and jazz lovers , and Artur Dutkiewicz – the artistic director of the event – makes a great effort to render each subsequent edition of the festival even more special with many unforgettable musical experiences.